EXFO FTB-200-v2 OTDR آو تی دی آر

  او تی دی آر EXFO FTB-200-v2 OTDR

The intelligent platform built for the supertech—delivers the best performance on the market for optical, Ethernet

 and SONET/SDH testing.

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 EXFO FTB-200-v2 OTDR, آو تی دی آر ماژول, 7200, 7300


 EXFO FTB-200-v2 OTDR, آو تی دی آر ماژول, 7200, 7300

Key Features and Benefits

  • Intel ATOM processor with Windows Embedded Standard for maximized productivity and unique versatility
  • Flexible connectivity with USB, mobile, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities
  • Compatible with 11 families of modules for multiple field testing applications
  • CWDM network characterization at eight wavelengths
  • 40G and ROADM commissioning with an optical spectrum analyzer
  • Multiservice testing with a next-generation SONET/SDH analyzer
  • Fiber characterization and construction with OTDR, loss, dispersion and multitest modules
  • Business service activation with OTDR and Ethernet test modules
  • Carrier Ethernet testing from 10 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s


A Proven Success Made Even Better

Since its introduction in 2006, the FTB-200 has set the standard for application-driven test solutions. It just made sense to build on this already smart platform and offer our customers the best compact platform yet: the FTB-200 v2.

With tens of thousands of platforms deployed worldwide, EXFO interacted closely with customers who use the platforms everyday to incorporate key functionalities that enhance and simplify their testing environments—including wireless and mobile connectivity, web browsing, PDF printing, screen capture and VT100 terminal emulation.

Today’s multimedia networks demand flexible, efficient and cost-effective test solutions. The FTB-200 offers unprecedented speed and an expanded integrated tool kit for increased autonomy and productivity in multiservice field testing.

Delivering Unique Performance

Providing the same compatibility as its predecessor, the FTB-200 platform now leverages a powerful Intel ATOM processor to deliver unmatched speed and performance for the most demanding test applications.

The Power You Need No Matter the Application

CWDM Turn-up Testing

Integrate two metro/CWDM OTDRs to test through CWDM-based mux/demux at ITU-recommended wavelengths.

40G and ROADM Commissioning

House an OSA into a compact portable solution for fast and accurate DWDM commissioning and high-speed networking—up to 40 Gbit/s.

Multiservice Testing

Simultaneously run a 10 gigabit next-generation SONET/SDH analyzer, as well as 1 gigabit and 10 gigabit Ethernet analyzers, delivering IPTV test capabilities and TCP throughput assessment.

Fiber Characterization and Construction

Combine PMD, CD and OTDR testing in a single solution, and incorporate an OTDR with a multitest module, for in-depth link characterization.

Business Service Activation

Join an FTTx PON/MDU OTDR featuring a dynamic range of up to 39 dB with a 1/10 gigabit Ethernet testing module, to simplify and speed up the deployment of Ethernet services.

Carrier Ethernet Testing from 10 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s

Benefit from a comprehensive suite of Ethernet testing capabilities, including EtherSAM (ITU-T Y.1564), for turn-up and troubleshooting of mobile backhaul, commercial and wholesale services.

One Platform, Over 30 Modules

Optimized for all phases of the network lifecycle, the FTB-200 houses any of EXFO’s FTB one- or two-slot modules to meet your evolving needs. Configure your platform by combining optical, transport and datacom modules to cover a wide range of applications. Offering power, speed and modularity in a compact format, the FTB-200 is the perfect tool for the field.

Optical Test Modules

Discover the industry’s most renowned line of OTDRs, the most advanced dispersion analyzers and optical spectrum analyzers.



FTB-7xxx (D-E Series)

MultiTest Module


Optical Spectrum Analyzers



Single-Ended Dispersion Analyzer


Transport and Datacom Test Modules

Choose from the most compact and powerful SONET/SDH, OTN, Fibre Channel and Ethernet analyzers—the new standards in next-generation network testing.


DSn/PDH and SONET/SDH Electrical Test Module

FTB-8105 Transport Blazer

SONET/SDH Test Module

FTB-8115 Transport Blazer

Next-Generation SONET/SDH Test Modules

FTB-8120/8130 Transport Blazer

Multiservice Test Modules

FTB-8120NGE/8130NGE Power Blazer

Ethernet Test Modules

FTB-8510/8510B Packet Blazer

10 Gigabit Ethernet Test Module

FTB-8510G Packet Blazer

Fibre Channel and Ethernet Test Modules

FTB-8525/8535 Packet Blazer

Designed for Efficiency


  • Fully backward compatible with previous modules and their original GUIs
  • 1 GigE and three USB 2.0 ports
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support
  • Windows Remote Assistance and Remote Control features
  • EXFO fiber inspection probe connector interface
  • TFT outdoor-enhanced LCD 6.5 inch display
  • Telcordia (Bellcore)-compliant
  • Update Manager to stay up-to-date and manage your fleet



The FTB-200 integrated wireless communication capabilities allow you to send reports anytime, anywhere using mobile, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networking connections.

Update Manager

Stay current with the FTB-200 Update Manager, which enables you to easily manage the applications developed for your test solution. Thanks to EXFO’s feature enhancement program, it has never been easier to benefit from our latest innovation. Based on customer feedback, acute market trend analysis and compliance with the latest standards, EXFO is committed to ensuring that your product is at its best.

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کانکتور TNC FC BNC تضعیف کننده Attenuator Connector فیبر نوری، خاکی اتنیوتر اف سی Attenuator کاتراین 10dB OBUC قیمت آنتن پارابولیک،آنتن ماکرووی Fast Connector G.703 lC SC بالون،balun آداپتور SC SC پیگتیل SC گراند کیت 7/8 بست کلمپ فیدر APC Fast RG45 گراند کیت 1/2 Andrew پیگتیل FC DSLAM UPC 1.6/5.6 ژله فیلد فیدر 1/2 وال مونت ، پچ پنل مدیتیش تراپی، مراقبه،مکاشفه،متاف Female پچکورد SC ،پچ کورد SC آداپتور FC ، آداپتور اف سی 3 c2v بست فیدر 5/4 سه تایی بست فیدر 7/8 JDSU MTS-8000 OTDR Male بست کابل، بست فیبر نوری،RRU بست کانکتور فیبر نوری DIN 1.0/2.3 کانکتور بست فیدر، بستهای فیدر، کلمپ فیدر بست فیدر 15dB کانکتور عدسی،K1 UY Connector EXFO FTB 500 اوتی دی آر adapter کانکتور فیبر نوری SMA کانکتور فیدر 7/8 گراند کیت RG223 نوار آپارات 3M 23 jumper Finisar Male Female TNC Coaxial Connector او تی دی آر G62 آداپتور square FC کانکتور فیبر نوری، Feeder Cable کیت گراند طراحی سایت BTS fclf-8521-3 BT43 S332D 3c 2v کانکتور کواکسیال LC، کانکتور فیبر نوری،LC Fiber o LCF کوپلر Enlightenment Jack 8521 CS73205 قیمت ، Anritsu S331D ،سایت مستر مینی پی ال سی لوگو ورژن 6 زیمنس


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