JDSU MTS-6000 OTDR اوتی دی آر

JDSU MTS-6000 OTDR اوتی دی آر

Compact, lightweight test platform for installing and maintaining fiber networks; performs full fiber characterization measurements.

MTS-6000 Compact Optical Test Platform


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MTS-6000 Compact Optical Test Platform


Compact, lightweight test platform for installing and maintaining fiber networks; performs full fiber characterization measurements.



Highly integrated field optical test solution for single application

The MTS-6000 is a compact and lightweight test platform designed for the installation and maintenance of fiber networks. It offers field service technicians the highest levels of performance and upgradeability on the market. Modular in design, the MTS-6000 offers an extensive portfolio of test functionality, with over 40 different fiber modules supporting a wide range of applications, and is a single source for future fiber and photonic testing needs.




-Compact and lightweight for the field.

-Future proof with over 40 application modules already supported.

-Choose from IL/ORL, OTDR, PMD, CD, or WDM plug-in modules.

-Application modules compatible with MTS-8000.

-Backwards compatibility with existing MTS-5000 family OTDR modules.

-Simple for the novice, fully featured for the expert.




-Fault Locator.

-OTDR and power level testing.

-CWDM/DWDM testing.

-PMD, Spectral Attenuation Profile and Chromatic Disprsion (CD) testing.

-Insertion Loss (IL) and Optical Return Loss (ORL) testing.



Key Features

-Lightweight platform: only 2.4kg/5.3 lbs.

-Large 8.4 inch transreflective TFT color display improves viewing under any conditions.

-Intuitive graphical user interface with touchscreen option

-Extended battery life using smart Lithium ion cell.

-Connection Check with VFL, power meter, Loss Test Set/ ORL meter and video inspection scope options

-Built-in optical talkset option for communicating along the fiber.

-Unique automatic bi-directional analysis function available to save up to 50% test time for OTDR, IL, and ORL measurements.

-Fast data transfer via USB, Ethernet port and 1Gb extended memory option.

-Comprehensive suite of PC software tools for post-processing of test results with FiberTrace (OFS-100) and FiberCable (OFS-200)




Main OTDR Module Technical Specifications (typical at 25¡æ)

<td style="color: #000000; font: normal normal normal 12px/1.5em 'Lucida Grande', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; cursor: text; border-style: solid; border-color: #e5e6e7;</

OTDR Module


Pulse width


dead zone

dead zone

Short range 
multimode (SRL)


3 ns to 300 ns




Short range multimode
and singlemode (SRL)

1550/1625 ¡À20nm

3 ns to 20 us


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