MU fiber optic connectors

MU fiber optic connectors

MU fiber optic connectors and related MU fiber products feature the small form design. 

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MU fiber optic connectors and related MU fiber products feature the small form design. MU fiber connector use 1.25mm pull-proof designed ferrule and the whole connector is with reduced footprint, size of the MU fiber optic connector is about half of the SC. MU fiber connector is with square shape and push-pull mating mechanism.
MU fiber connectors represent the trend of the new generation fiber connectors to be smaller, thus they could fit for dense installations. Typical MU fiber connectors commercially available in market include single mode MU UPC fiber optic connector, single mode MU APC fiber optic connector and multimode MU UPC fiber optic connectors.
We supply a wide range of both simplex and duplex MU fiber optic connectors and related MU products including adapters, attenuators and cable assemblies. They are fully compatible with IEC 61 754-6 and suitable to use in fiber optic communication filed like CATV, LAN, SONET/SDH, ATM and WDM applications


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