7/16 DIN Male to N Female 716M-NF RF Coaxial Adapter Connector

7/16 DIN Male To N Female RF 716M-NF  آدپتور کواکسیال Coaxial Adapter Connector DIN (M) to N (F)N Jack To 7/16 Plug L29 7/16 male plug to N female jack straight adapter7/16 DIN Male to N  Female Adaptor  

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7/16 DIN Male To N Female RF 716M-NF  Coaxial Adapter Connector

DIN (M) to N (F)

N Jack To 7/16 Plug

L29 7/16 male plug to N female jack straight adapter

7/16 DIN Male to N  Female Adaptor  


 MIL-C-39012;CECC-22210;IEC 60169-16


امکانات Features:

Electrical characteristics:

1) Coupling style: screw-coupling

2) Impedance: 50 ohm

3) Frequency range: 0 to 7.5GHz

4) Contact resistance: center conductor: max 1.0M ohm

5) Outer conductor: max 0.5Mohm

6) Insulation resistance: max 10,000Mohm 

7) Dielectric withstanding voltage: 2,700V

8) VSWR: max 1.25

9) Durability: 500 cycles

10) Mating:M29*1.5 threaded coupling


Material and finish :

1) Body & Outer Contact: Brass with silver or white bronze plating

2) Inner Contacts: Beryllium copper with silver plating

3) Other Metal Parts : Brass with silver or white bronze plating

4) Insulators: PTFE

5) Weatherproof Gaskets: Silicone rubber


Applications م

1) Antennas

2) Base Stations


4) Cable  Assembly

5) Components

6) Lightning Protecction

7) Satcom


1) These characteristics are typical but may not apply to all connectors.

2) OEM and ODM are available.

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