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انواع :کامباینر ، کوپلر ، داپلکسر ، فیلتر ،تپر،اسپیلیتر ، تی ام آ، در فرکانسهای متفاوت و کاربردهای متفاون از معروفترین برندهای دنیا آر اف اس ، کاتراین ،
Combiner , coupler , duplexer ,filter , splitter , Power divider, Diplexer
Combiners are used to combine two or more transmitters so that a single feed and antenna can be used for the radiating the signals. Based on the frequency and frequency separation between the transmitters a choice of cavity or hybrid combining may be made.
Combiners reduce the number of antennas and feeders at a small additional insertion loss.
diplexers and triplexers is designed to enable feeder sharing of several systems on the same site. Focusing at the highest technical performance standard and at easy installation, RFS have developed a broad range of innovative products for cellular band, GSM 900, GSM 1800, PCS 1900 and UMTS 2100, covering frequency bands from 806 to 2170 MHz
Duplexers are used to simultaneously transmit and receive from a single antenna. They are three-port devices comprising a combination of transmit and receive filters with a common antenna port.
Duplexers are designed for various application based on operational frequency and utility. As an example, mobile duplexers are designed to handle low power and are very compact in size. Base station duplexers are designed to handle higher base radio power and generally designed to be mountable in standard equipment racks.

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